Friday, April 29, 2022



Lawley found ROCKHOUND an amazing illustrator: Emily Brunner. These are the first sketches she did for the book. Don't they look exactly like Gavin? Lawley will release ROCKHOUND on February 14, 2023. Emily is working on the pictures now. Stay tuned for more speak peaks!!

Monday, December 13, 2021

Lawley Publishing Acquired my debut picture book, ROCKHOUND!!!

 I sold my debut picture book, ROCKHOUND! I'm thrilled to join the Lawley Publishing Family. ROCKHOUND was inspired by my rock-collecting grandson, Gavin. 

When my fictional Gavin's beloved rock collection fills upstairs, downstairs and the garage, his family says, "No more rocks!" What will he do with all those rocks? The real Gavin has such a sweet-nature. You'll see the fictional Gavin finds a kind solution--just like my inspiration would have. 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Order of the Flick, a new middle grade release.

 Amazon has just launched a new service on Kindle--Kindle Vella, stories you read episode by episode. Very fun and an exciting opportunity for authors to reach new readers. So I decided to rescue a funny, middle grade sci-fi, save-the-world adventure, The Order of the Flick. 

To flick or not to flick? That is the question. Philo, a sixth-grade, boogie-flicking, defender of the weak against thuggies, plans a summer creating video games with his buds. But his great Aunt Wiggy whisks him off to Switzerland. When an automaton in a museum recognizes the Sign of the Flick and comes to life, Philo must stop the biggest baddest thuggie from attacking the super collider at CERN. Will he save the world from certain annihilation? Or are we toast? It all comes down to a flick.

You can read Kindle Vella on or just open your Kindle app on an iPhone or iPad. It's a beta release now. I hope it will expand to Kindles and android phones/tablets soon. 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Happy Birthday to Mom


Happy Birthday, to my dear mom! She's 83. We actually got to go into her care home with cake and grandkids.  We sang to her and gave her hugs. I'm excited to announce that I've finished FIREBUG, a middle grade novel inspired by Mom's childhood. It's set in Rexburg, Idaho, in the years just following World War II. If I can find a publisher, readers will have it in their hands soon. 

Monday, July 21, 2014


This week, my brand new book, AN OCEAN ATWEEN US, is free on Kindle for the first time ever!

I'd love to have you download, read and review it. It needs some more love on Amazon and Goodreads. 

This is a first love story that tugs on your heartstrings like SING ME TO SLEEP and TAKEN BY STORM. You'll fall in love with Will Glover like you did Derek and Scott and Michael--I promise. 

Plus, it's set in Scotland, so if you love Scottish guys and accents as much as I do, you'll love this book.

The promo is going well so far. It hit #1 on the free Teen and Young Adult Historical Romance ebook list. Exciting stuff! 

And #8 on the Scottish Historical Romance List!! Not sure if we really fit on this list. Take a look at the other titles. YIKES!! My books is Scottish, historical and romantic. But it is also a literary coming-of-age journey. 

After you read it, let me know where you think it belongs.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank You Presents for all my Readers

Thank you all for your support of AN OCEAN ATWEEN US! You are already making a difference. I've got three thank-you presents for you.

First, SING ME TO SLEEP will be free on Kindle tomorrow, Tuesday, June 3, and June 9 and 16th!

Second, I am posting TAKEN BY STORM in its entirety on WATTPAD.COM! Enjoy and please tell your  friends.

And, third, here's an excerpt from AN OCEAN ATWEEN US! It's still just $0.99 on Kindle.  Watch this blog. I'll be posting more excerpts. (Read first three chapters free at

From Chapter 1,  Who will kiss me?

 . . .  I scan the other maids dancing in the shadows of the coal works. I’ve kent them all forever. Like Lucie, here, who I’m spinning and catching like I have so many times afore.

“Will ye be playing for us tonight?” Lucie eyes the wee pipe that hangs about my neck from a bit of yarn snitched from Mither’s workbasket.

“Aye, lassie.”

Lucie steps to the center and her feet flash as the other maids make way for her to perform the setting steps. She’s always light and fleet. Moves like a fairy. She spins and faces me again.

“William Glover, the Fourth.” She drawls out my full name with a fetching frown on her face. “It’s no proper for ye to be calling me lassie no more.”

Lucie has her thick, black hair pulled back and pinned up. I’m used to seeing it long and dirty, filled with more rats than the coal pits, flying every place at once. I do not have the heart to tell her about the swatch come loose from her pins and hanging down her back.

“Begging yer pardon, Mistress Lucie.” I squeeze the hard-worked hand she fits into mine. “Ye do look like a proper maid this evening.” There’s warmth behind my words that surprises us both. My face gets hot, and Lucie turns pink. She grows confused and misses a turn.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

AN OCEAN ATWEEN US - Launch Celebration Sale!

I'm celebrating the release of AN OCEAN ATWEEN US with a $0.99 Kindle sale. The price will be reduced for a limited time so hurry and download it now.

I'm so excited to share this book with you--my wonderful readers. I've been working on it, one way or the other, most of my life.

Growing up, my mother told the most thrilling bedtime stories about my Scottish ancestors who emigrated in the 19th Century. As a teen, I discovered a wealth of family histories gathered by my grandmother and great grandmother. As a young mother, I began researching the Glover family, Scotland, coal mining, and every place they stopped on their journey west. 

Decades of research, trips to coal mines in three countries, an MFA in Writing, four published YA novels, and a gazillion drafts later, I'm so pleased to bring you Will Glover's story, An Ocean Atween Us. I did my utmost to make it every bit as thrilling as my mother's tales, and, of course, added a big dose of romance. 

I hope my ancestors aren't looking down from heaven and shaking their heads. I have to admit, I turned my great-great-great grandmother's big brother into the hottest collier lad to ever leave Scotland and broke his heart a couple of times along the way. This is a novel--not a history book. I think the Glover family will be pleased to live again in its pages. I did my best to convey the gritty reality of 19th century coal mines, ocean voyages on tall ships, and frontier settlements. I also didn't shy away from the realties of Will's relationships as he comes of age in a new land. He's a flesh and blood, flawed character who struggles--like all of us.